Hi, I'm Matheus Tanaka, a Site Reliability Engineer at Ericsson with a degree in System Analysis and Development from Senac.

My coding journey began immediately after college and continues to be a central part of my professional life.

Passionate about both coding and infrastructure, I'm constantly exploring new depths in these fields. Expect to see insights and updates on these topics here.

My Experience

Site Reliability Engineer

Jul/2023 - Present


  • Engaged in Ericsson's EB23 project, a cloud-native solution for TIM Brazil's prepaid billing, hosted on Oracle Cloud.
  • Managed Kubernetes and Docker environments in Oracle Cloud, ensuring robust and scalable cloud operations.
  • Maintained and optimized Linux servers for peak performance.
  • Azure DevOps for streamlined code version control.
  • Conducted End-to-End testing with Shell Script to verify system functionality.
  • Developed automation scripts in Shell Script for Kubernetes infrastructure, enhancing efficiency.
  • Assisted in the creation of development, testing, and production environments, facilitating a seamless software development lifecycle.


Feb/2022 - Jul/2023


  • Participated in the Metis Project, aiding customer migration from Oi Telecom to Tim Brazil's Billing System.
  • Developed new postpaid/corporate customer data plans using PL/SQL.
  • Performed End-to-End testing using Shell Script.
  • Maintained Linux servers, ensuring system reliability and efficiency.